2006/9/19, Christian Ohm <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
> I also wonder where did they first upload the warzone2100.rar file?
>  Or was it packed by someone else?

To some RTS.net member's FTP server, I think.
Quite right. We gave Alex McLean a list of FTP servers he could use,
and chose the one in the UK, owned by Radiosity (dunno if he still
goes by that nick.)

They did have some videos as was mentioned, along with other stuff I
don't see on gna site.  Does that mean who ever did the archive file
just didn't upload everything "as is" to gna site?
The gna repo was started as a clean sheet because the berlios one was
messed up and contained lots of files that wasn't used.
All these files are still available from berlios, so nothing's lost.

> :)  Too bad that we can't clear this up once and for all.  It would be
> a huge problem if Eidos or Pumpkin started to send out C&D notices
> because of something we changed that we shouldn't have.

Virgil said that Eidos transferred the copyright for the Warzone stuff
to the Pumpkin guys, and if that's right, Eidos cannot do that. And, I
assume (there's that word again...), Pumpkin won't.
This confuses me. Pumpkin, ceased to exist 6 years ago, and the people
was scattered about.
If it was transfered, it would have been to an individual, such as Alex McLean.

"All good software releases were accidents corrected in the next version."

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