On Thu, 07 Dec 2006 17:36:39 -0500 Dennis Schridde 
>As far as I know (I am not perfect, nor do I know everything about 
>- You don't need any map editor... You can simply extract the 
>warzone.wz to a 
>data/ folder in the same directory and Warzone will load it's 
>stuff from 
>there. (Overriding what is in warzone.wz if it finds the same file 
>in data/)

He said he didn't want to compile the source code.  So then his 
only option is to use the 32bit map editor to view/use textures 
that are bigger than what is default now.  Unless there is a 
command line switch to use higher resolution textures that you 
snuck in when nobody was looking?

Then once they are working fine with that, someone can modify wz to 
the texture size he is using.  I think there are 80 tiles per page, 
and 4-5 pages.  That is allot of work for 1 person to do, and you 
can't really release only 1 page at a time either since the game 
isn't built to handle multiple size tiles.

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