On Sat, Sep 4, 2010 at 3:23 AM, Kreuvf <kre...@warzone2100.de> wrote:
> 1. I am astonished: I carefully wrote this to not include any ego 
> stuff/personal
> attacks. And there is not a single accusation in there, I would say.

I was making it extra clear that I don't really mind if you disagree
with me on the question of whether or not to support a particular
platform, but I did mind if you used personal attacks, mostly because
you replied to one of my posts expressing this belief.

> 2. I am reacting quite allergic to beliefs, because my experience tells me 
> that
> people justify cruel/dumb (explicitly: I do not say that you are trying or 
> have
> tried this) things with their beliefs (kosher butchering, anyone?). I cannot 
> see
> valid reasons. Here I am asking questions. Questions which remain unanswered.
> And that is what I see and what counts for me.

"Unanswered" is distinct from "not answered satisfactorily". I have
made an honest attempt to answer them, and if my answers leave you
with further questions, feel free to ask them, but do not act as if I
have intentionally dodged your questions.

> 3. It is not about defending any beloved platform (this is supposed to be a
> general term not limited to Mac OS X). It is more about the general approach
> towards releasing, our release policy so to speak.

This, by the way, is the kind of thing I was talking about. Do we
really need to use the term "beloved", which serves no purpose but to
sneakily imply that the only reason I believe Warzone should be
released for all platforms at the same time is because it is my
platform of choice?

> Here you claim that not releasing for all supported platforms at the same time
> is detrimental. The argument supposed to support this is that this would lead 
> to
> a fragmented userbase. But the thing is just the other way around: The 
> userbase
> is already fragmented. This in turn means an additional workload for us. 
> People
> understand this. And therefore, they will understand that it may happen that
> they have to wait for a release for their beloved platform (again, "beloved
> platform" is a generic term not limited to Mac OS X).

Parts of the userbase are fragmented, sure. The vast majority of the
multiplayer base, however, are currently on the latest stable release
and thus able to play games with each other easily.

> Of course, two things should never happen: Announcing a release for a beloved
> platform and not doing it. Not announcing the discontinuation of releases for 
> a
> beloved platform, but instead just not releasing stuff for it anymore.

...what are you saying here?

> And look at the past, Zarel: We had releases that did not include OS X at all
> and that was at a time where we had some OS X releases before. And I cannot 
> see
> how that has done any harm to our userbase.

Yes, and back then, we had a significantly smaller multiplayer base
(and userbase, in general).

> That is exactly the point: Satisfying some users before others > satisfying no
> users at all.

Man, that ">" looks like a word-wrapping bug when quoted. :P

But the term "before others" we are talking about is usually around a
day ahead of time. Is that really worth fragmenting the userbase?

I mean, if we're talking about delays of a week, you should be able to
find someone else to make the build before then. If you really can't,
just make ONE release without the Mac build, and start asking for
people to build it; I'm sure you'll find someone.


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