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mwall <mw...@users.sourceforge.net> wrote:

> liz,
> could you provide more detail about the process you went through so i
> can duplicate the behavior?
> there is already logic in the pre/post scripts that *should* upgrade
> the weewx.conf file when you do a .deb upgrade (using dpkg or apt).
> when it encounters changes to weewx.conf, it *should* do the standard
> debian prompts about changed files.
> m

Weewx 3.5.0 installed by deb file upgrade
Weewx 3.6.0 not touched
Weewx 3.6.1 installed by apt-get

In the post-install script I get the standard "the conf file has been
changed by you, or a script.... "
then the choices Y or I (accept new conf file)
                N       (default, keep own conf file)
                D       (open a diff)
                Z       (open a shell)

I open the diff
the changes proposed are to revert to the stock standard weewx.conf
that is, to change my location, my co-ordinates, and anything else I've
altered along the way.

I make a careful diff of the appropriate changes and proceed (with the
Z option)
On restart, instead of a vantage station I have a ws23xx. I did once,
so this may have been picked up by a process looking somewhere
dpkg-reconfigure weewx allowed me to change that.


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