On Saturday, October 15, 2016 at 12:58:14 AM UTC-4, Liz wrote:
> On Fri, 14 Oct 2016 04:51:37 -0700 (PDT) 
> mwall wrote: 
> > liz, 
> > 
> > could you provide more detail about the process you went through so i 
> > can duplicate the behavior? 
> Weewx 3.5.0 installed by deb file upgrade 
> Weewx 3.6.0 not touched 
> Weewx 3.6.1 installed by apt-get 
> In the post-install script I get the standard "the conf file has been 
> changed by you, or a script.... " 
> then the choices Y or I (accept new conf file) 
>                 N         (default, keep own conf file) 
>                 D        (open a diff) 
>                 Z        (open a shell) 
> I open the diff 
> the changes proposed are to revert to the stock standard weewx.conf 
> that is, to change my location, my co-ordinates, and anything else I've 
> altered along the way. 
> I make a careful diff of the appropriate changes and proceed (with the 
> Z option) 
> On restart, instead of a vantage station I have a ws23xx. I did once, 
> so this may have been picked up by a process looking somewhere 
> forgotten. 
> dpkg-reconfigure weewx allowed me to change that. 

you got the expected behavior.  unfortunately the expected behavior is 
user-friendly in a unix way ("unix is user friendly, it is just picky about 
who its friends are").

if you choose Y then you get your old config, updated by the version of 
weewx that you are installing.  unless there is a bug in the update 
process, everything would just work.

if you choose N, then you get your old config, unchanged.  in some upgrades 
this will work, but in many it would fail (see the upgrade guide for 

you chose D, the most complicated choice.  in that one you see the 
difference between what you have and what weewx would do.  this is a good 
choice if you do not trust the installer, or you want to know exactly what 
weewx will be doing to your config.  if you have a good diff editor then 
you can even cherry pick the changes.  or you can just say "use all of the 
suggested changes" after you have reviewed them.

however, it sounds like there is another issue here.

the dpkg and apt plumbing use debconf.  when you first install weewx, 
debconf remembers the parameters you enter, such as lat/lon/alt and station 
type.  you started by telling debconf you have a ws23xx.  if you then 
modify weewx.conf, say by changing to vantage, debconf does not know about 
that.  so when you run something that uses debconf again, debconf will try 
to use the settings it was given, in this case ws23xx.

that is why running dpkg-reconfigure fixes it - that tells debconf the new 


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