On Friday, October 14, 2016 at 1:01:43 PM UTC-4, vince wrote:
> Confused -  are talking about switching from setup.py to pre-packaged 
> weewx on an existing system ?  

fyi, the wiki has the outline of how to convert from setup.py to .deb:



> One question we will keep getting on the Pi will be lack of a webserver in 
> Raspbian by default.   Uncertain if the new apt-get package will gracefully 
> put the config file for apache into place in the right place anyway, but I 
> can test that on a pi here if Matthew needs that done....

for weewx 3.0.0 up to and including 3.6.0, when you install weewx using 
apt-get, it will also install apache2.  it will also install an ftp client 
and rsync.

as of 3.6.1, a new install of weewx using apt-get will result in *only* 

the problem is that not everyone wants a web server, and not everyone wants 
apache.  in fact, nginx or lighttpd are more appropriate web servers for 
many pi deployments.

so if you want weewx and a web server, the recommended way to do it is:

sudo apt-get install weewx apache2

and everything should just work.  or, if you prefer nginx:

sudo apt-get install weewx nginx


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