Hello !

I am building my own weather station (with a wind sensor based on an 
Inspeed vortex anemometer).
I would like to define windspeed and windgust as following (based on 
definition I found from meteofrance).

windspeed = average windspeed over 10 minutes.
windgust    = windspeed over 3sec that is 18km/h higher than the 10min 

This mean I will emit windspeed every 10 minutes and windgust can be upto 
every 3sec and downto never if no wind or very stable wind ).

So as my record interval is 5 minutes ( I would like to keep 5minutes):  I 
was wondering  how weewx will react ?

I guess 1 archive record on 2 will be empty/NULL regarding windspeed. 
Therefore, how is calculated for example day.windspeed.avg ?

Is it "sum of available record" / "number of available record" ?

Best regards,

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