If your pages are updating at 10 minute intervals that sounds like the 
archive interval being used is 10 minutes (if you are using the SteelSeries 
skin that would further support this idea). With a Davis station any 
archive interval setting in the console will override the [StdArchive] 
archive_interval setting. To confirm what is happening go back and look at 
your log from when you last started weeWX, you will probably see something 
like this in the start up logging:

Feb 13 13:45:18 stretch22 weewx[1589]: engine: The archive interval in the 
configuration file (300) does not match the station hardware interval (600).
Feb 13 13:45:18 stretch22 weewx[1589]: engine: Using archive interval of 600 

If you can't find it stop then start weeWX and have a look at the startup 

To fix it, stop weeWX and then use wee_device to set the desired archive 
interval in the console 

Note, the only effect this will have on gauge-dat.txt is to generate it 
every 5 minutes rather than every 10 minutes. Refer to my previous post.


On Tuesday, 13 February 2018 13:51:22 UTC+10, A.J. Burnett wrote:
> Hi Andrew,
> Station type is a VP2. My StdArchive interval is set to 300, which should 
> be every 5 minutes, but the gauge-data.txt file only updates every 10 
> minutes. My web page only updates at that same 10-minute interval too. 
> <scratching head>

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