I've been investigating the issue of localized images and their location in the application folders and I haven't found a simple way to handle it. I've taken a look at SubmitLink but when I add an image using :

add(new Image("cancelButtonImage", new ResourceModel("button.cancel"))

where button.cancel is defined in a property file as : CANCEL.gif

but to the image file name is added the page package and I prefer to keep the images in a separate directory. So, How could I deal with localized images and their location? I'm using a set up where the pages are in the same folder as the page classes.

For the second problem I need to track everytime a submit occurs or a link is clicked, how could I do that? I checked the javadocs and found onEndRequest but noticed that is deprecated, also I tried onDetach but it's also called when the button is displayed. I thought of adding a superclass that on its onSubmit() would log some information and then sublasses would have to call super.onSubmit() but it doesn't look a good solution.

Thanks in advance,


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