> > For the submit and link tracking, the Javadocs say that is not recomended
> to override this method besides it would work for submits only. Here what
> I'm looking is some way of "intercepting" the click of a button or a link.

You should be able to use proper OAP (like AspectJ) with Wicket if you
wish. Or you can define a custom request targets or even a custom
request cycle processor like this (in your application class):

  protected IRequestCycleProcessor newRequestCycleProcessor() {
    final IRequestCycleProcessor wrapped = super
    return new IRequestCycleProcessor() {

      public IRequestCodingStrategy getRequestCodingStrategy() {
        return wrapped.getRequestCodingStrategy();

      public void processEvents(RequestCycle requestCycle) {
        IRequestTarget resolvedTarget = requestCycle
        if (resolvedTarget instanceof IComponentRequestTarget) {
          // etc, etc.

      public IRequestTarget resolve(RequestCycle requestCycle,
          RequestParameters requestParameters) {
        return wrapped.resolve(requestCycle, requestParameters);

      public void respond(RequestCycle requestCycle) {

      public void respond(RuntimeException e,
          RequestCycle requestCycle) {
        wrapped.respond(e, requestCycle);


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