I have been looking at wicket for some time. I found it after looking at
many other frameworks (Struts, Spring, WebWork, etc). Wicket seemed to be
the best suited to my needs (more java focused with great components).
Although, technically, it had one the web framework race for me, its
documentation was minimal to non-existent (esp high level non api docs). 

Now there is finally a book that addresses this issue.
APress will be publishing Pro Wicket
I bought the beta e-book online (US$20) and it is very good. So a big thanks
to Karthik Gurumurthy.

The book is almost complete (although a little rough and could use some more
editing). It covers the Wicket basics very well, explaining why you do
things (which is often more important than how). 

Chapters cover: 
- setting up wicket (quick start)
- validation
- layout 
- integration with spring, velocity
- localization
- components (and wicket extensions)
- ajax
- unit testing 
and even wicket 2

- Easy to read
- Great coverage of Wicket
- Addresses the why as well as the how
- Covers advanced topics like unit testing, integration with other
frameworks, wicket 2

- Still a little rough (some needless repetition, references to tomcat
instead of jetty) 
- Although the spring integration was interesting, there was a little too
much of it
- Some key code was not in bold. The bold really helped me find the
important line so when it was not there I really missed it.

So, if you are using wicket (or plan to or even using something like struts
and want to know what the fun, easy alternative is) get wicket and Pro
Note: There is also a sample chapter that can be downloaded free.

Now all I have to do is find time to play with Wicket... 

You can see some other comments at on Pro Wicket at

Wicket in Action is supposed to be in the works so that would make 2 great
wicket books. Keep it up.


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