Dear Isaac,

First, I would kindly ask that you stop mingling my name, unless you want me to do the same with yours.

Second, I regret, but I don't see much logic in what you are saying. If you need the OTRS permission, you should have asked for it in the first turn. But you did not ask for it. You just asked the user to confirm that the name in EXIF is her real name, and she confirmed. Why was a deletion request necessary? It acted simply as the knife at the throat and it was an intimidation (which, by the way, the uploader felt indeed - she was quite frustrated when she wrote me about this whole situation).

Third, I hope you realized that there are people who take care of the Russian WLM photos and that next time when you stumble upon such a photo, you will ask me or Yaroslav before taking any serious action. This should help us to avoid any further misunderstanding.


On 18.09.2016 00:52, olatunde olalekan isaac wrote:
Hey Alexander

TL:DR. Please, bare in mind that Common community have policies regarding copyright which they will never ignore for a contest like this. Thus, you need not lose your cool and make personal remarks in accusing reviewers of intimidating WLM participants. Such assertion is untrue because we are in this together. We should not pretend that what we are experiencing now is expected. I agree with Lodewijk that Wikimedia Commons community is not always easy or fun to work with but we just have to deal with it. There are thousands of files waiting for review and there are few regular users patrolling new files or reviewing them. If a reviewer nominate a file for deletion in a way you consider inappropriate, try to discuss with the user. The reviewer could be under stress as at the time they were reviewing the files. BTW, it's a red flag when username don't seem to match with copyright information on metadata, thus reviewer may decide to nominate such files for deletion per our precautionary principle. This is not uncommon and such actions are usually not considered destructive or attacks on participant. Alexander, your username is "User:Atsrlin" and if on your camera metadata, the author is "Merlin" for example, reviewer may not assume that your real name is Merlin unless you already state it on your user page or elsewhere because Atsrlin could mean something totally different in your country and may be unconnected with Merlin. In reality, you're Alexander and Merlin is a different person who may probably come around to raise concerns about infringement of their copyright in the future.

Here is another participant, User:James John Borg <>. Looking at the metadata of their uploads <>, it shows that the copyright holder of the files is "*Joshua Schembri*". Should a reviewer simply assume that "James John Borg" is the same person as "Joshua Schembri"? In most cases uploaders are not always sincere when it comes to copyright issues if you merely ask them. This is why we usually advice them to send evidence to our support team (COM:OTRS) after taking the files to DR.

However, I'm a bit reluctant to nominate User:James John Borg's files for deletion but I don't have enough time to investigate it now, maybe someone familiar with the user can take it up.


Isaac (User:Wikicology)

On Sat, Sep 17, 2016 at 8:17 AM, Lodewijk < <>> wrote:

    Hey Alexander,

    Assuming good faith is always good - even if you have to work
    harder for it. It makes the interactions more pleasant and the
    work more fun. So I will always recommend to keep doing it - even
    if it goes against your natural response.

    The case where the names don't seem to match seems like a valid
    case to me to ask questions, and this process is (unfortunately)
    the process being used for that at Wikimedia Commons. It is
    uncomfortable, but it is what we have to deal with. Because there
    are so many pictures, there is a bunch to be expected.

    I'm not going to pretend that the Wikimedia Commons community is
    always easy or fun to work with - but their intentions are usually
    good. They are very tough on copyright, and very suspicious. While
    these are some disadvantages, it does allow us to use a lot of
    shared infrastructure, and makes competitions like this one
    possible on an international scale. Please do realise that the
    number of uploads typically raises with 30-100% during Wiki Loves
    Monuments, and this puts some stress/strain on the reviewers too.


    2016-09-17 8:58 GMT+02:00 Alexander Tsirlin <

        Rather than complaining to the process could you please for
        once think that this is your project too and everyone in this
        It is not my project. Like many other people, I am forced to
        use it as a common image repository, even though I
        emphatically do not want to. As you probably know, before
        migrating to WMF servers Wikivoyage had its own image
        repository, and we wanted to keep it, because it was much
        better organized than Commons, and we did not want other
        people to impose their rules and practices of "nominating
        everything for deletion" on images that we have carefully
        collected ourselves.

        Unfortunately, our request was ignored by the WMF, so yes, we
        are also in this strange thing that was supposed to be a
        common project, but is in fact run by a handful of people who
        believe that unjustified and well-hidden deletion requests are
        the best way to solve all problems. But it stinks, and we try
        to be as far from it as possible.

        Your experience of license review for WLM Bangladesh might be
        interesting if we would ever have time to do this. At the
        moment, I spend most of my free time on finding and fighting
        these well-hidden deletion requests. Thank you, my dear
        Commons community, for creating such a wonderful working


        On 17.09.2016 11:32, Nahid Sultan wrote:

        Though it seems a bit odd but on a commons perspective it is
        also a normal procedure. Commons has a huge issue with people
        finding images online and then uploading them as their own
        work, so regular contributors on commons can sometimes be
        overzealous in making sure that people actually have the
        right to release what they are releasing. That is where the
        OTRS system comes in. Rather than complaining to the process
        could you please for once think that this is your project too
        and everyone in this together?

        We, from WLM Bangladesh team have created a work-board/list
        for such users who have problem with metadata, previously
        published same image on other media to make sure that they
        are actually own the copyright. we even created a hand book
        for reviewers explaining what to look during the review
        So, every reviewer check for those mistakes when reviewing an
        image then if they found such problematic user they
        immediately contact them via email or talk page and list them
         It works for us.


        Nahid Sultan

        <>on all
        Wikimedia Foundation
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        Secretary, Wikimedia Bangladesh

        Twitter: @nahidunlimited <>

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        on Commons
        Now it is not only about Freedom of Panorama and non-free images.

        Here, one Commons user nominates a bunch of excellent photos for
        deletion after he sees that the user name does not match the
        name in
        EXIF, even though the connection between the two is pretty
        obvious. This
        deletion request has been closed yesterday, but it still
        costed me a lot
        of time and a long e-mail exchange with the uploader, where I
        tried to
        convince her that everything is fine, and this deletion
        request was only
        a mistake. Yes, just a small mistake, really...

        Here, the same user nominates for deletion some photos of a
        13th century
        cathedral claiming that there is no freedom of panorama. What???!


        That's a very systematic course of action against us taking
        place on
        Commons. It would be silly to assume good faith here.


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