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I know about this option, but it is a horrible amount of work to add such "Undelete in XXXX" categories. Why would I do it if I can transfer files to other projects, where they are available immediately?

It could be possible to add "Undelete in XXXX" categories, sometimes even automatically, if the Commons community would be willing to find compromise regarding no-FOP images and the procedures for their deletion. But they are not willing to do that, and then obviously I will not help them with anything.


On 20.09.2016 02:09, Platonides wrote:
On 14/09/16 21:31, Alexander Tsirlin wrote:
By the way, such images would not qualify for WLM anyway, since they
are copyvios.
Such files are not copyvios. They are distributed under free license,
and the only exception is that they should not be used commercially.
These photos are actively used outside Commons, as you can see from the
fact that we have transferred to other projects as many as 1280 photos
last year and already 300 photos this year. Most of these photos are of
very high quality, and we are really proud that we got them. The
copyright on art objects will expire in 5-10-20 years (fair-use rules
apply during this period). We will still have these photos when
copyright expires, while on Commons the files are lost forever.

Note that on commons if you know when is the © going to expire, you can list the images on the [[Category:Undelete in 20XX]] pages, so that they can be undeleted (assuming the rest of the licensing is ok) when the time comes.

You could alternatively create an undelete request in 20 years, but you might forget about those photos by then đŸ˜‰


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