This  has been tried before, i.e.  Pages are speedily deleted 
for a reason, many of them quite properly so.  Moving potentially libelous BLP 
attack pages and other sundry junk to a publicly viewable wiki is not a very 
well-thought-out idea.

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> Date: Sun, 10 Jun 2012 07:37:24 +0000
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> Subject: [Wikimedia-l] lauched
> Hi,
> I have launched , it is updated every 30 minutes
> with the proposed deletions and speedy deletion articles (not notable and
> hoaxes, not others).
> it is running on the the sources for the script are all
> on git hub and are a merger of pywikipediabot and the wikiteam codebases.
> hope you enjoy it,
> thanks,
> mike
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