The articles are hosted on, and then transfered to wikia,
I could make some review tools, but where to host them?

On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 12:51 AM, Anthony <> wrote:

> While I think you have a good idea (similar to one that I myself did
> several years ago, and eventually abandoned for the very problems
> you're dealing with now), I don't think putting these pages directly
> into Wikia is going to work.  If you decide to store the articles
> somewhere more private, at least until they are manually reviewed, let
> me know.  By "more private" I mean, at a minimum, not listed in search
> engines.
> Have you looked into hosting the articles at Internet Archive?  This
> seems like a better place than Wikia, at least before the articles are
> manually reviewed.
> On Sat, Jul 21, 2012 at 5:33 PM, Mike  Dupont
> <> wrote:
> > John, and others.
> >
> > I have finally figured out a big problem with my plan. The articles for
> > deletion are not tagged peoperly at all. There are authors who know for a
> > fact that articles are mistagged and have no proper copyvio tagging, and
> > now they are accusing me of hosting copyvio articles. I see this a
> problem
> > in the wikipedia deletion system, if an editor knows for a fact that an
> > articles is in violation of copyright then they should tag it as Such. I
> > have written scripts to strip out artilces that are properly tagged. Lets
> > sit down and work out a plan for a proper system of sorting out what is
> not
> > notable, and waht is copyrightvio. I want to host the non notable
> artilces.
> > My argument is that giving non-notable bands and actors etc an outlet to
> be
> > hosted will reduce repeated reposting of articles. I have been sorting
> > through all these articles, contacting people and many of them are
> > thankful, I would be suprized if any of them would repost the deleted
> > article, like the Jack Psyco from .au, someone reposted his article many
> > many times.
> > Please support me in cleaning up the deletion and tagging process, I am
> > willing to put some work into this. I can write code as well.
> > Some people have asked me not to use the mailing list, but I wanted to
> > bring up this up in response to your mail.
> >
> > Please see
> >
> > and
> >
> >
> > thanks
> > mike

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