On Sun, Jul 22, 2012 at 1:57 AM, Mike  Dupont
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> The articles are hosted on archive.org, and then transfered to wikia,
> I could make some review tools, but where to host them?
> mike
Well, why do you want to host them?  Or, more specifically, why do you
want to host them somewhere other than archive.org?

I definitely understand wanting to save the content of these articles
just in case someone wants to work on fixing them.  Wikipedia's
temporary undeletion process for people who wish to do this, is simply
not convenient.  But archive.org seems to take care of that purpose
just fine.

If the *topic* is deemed "notable", just the article itself is of very
poor quality, then once these have undergone manual review and
intervention, the right place to host them would be back in Wikipedia.
 It would also be nice to have a wiki for topics deemed by Wikipedia
to be "not notable".  But this is a much different problem, and I
don't believe it is served well by the autopopulation of mostly very
low quality articles.

Also, sorry if this was already answered, but where are they on archive.org?

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