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> So what is your proposal for how to effectively curate the firehose of good
> and bad content that is uploaded to Commons day by day, hour by hour,
> minute by minute?

Hi Pete,

I would generally advocate for the following:

- more emphasis on education and positive communication in cases of
good faith, constructive behavior;
- more tolerance for ambiguity regarding files in the collection (e.g.
when the legal situation is truly ambiguous), and more use of tagging
over deletion;
- software which supports all of the above effectively.

Some of this is easier to act on. For example, the threshold at which
we decide to delete (rather than wait, or tag) is one which we can
modify. The templates we use for communication purposes are easy to
edit to be friendly or specific. Software is slower to build, but we
should definitely keep in mind what the ideal curation tools should
look like, as well, so we can plan on where we situate it in the
longer term roadmap of development efforts.

I do believe, though, that a lot of this conversation should ideally
take place on Wikimedia Commons itself. These types of threads
illustrate that there's a lot of real frustration in the larger
community today. I would encourage folks who want to see Commons
become a friendlier, more positive environment to not give up, but to
advocate for changes to practices and policies on Commons itself,
including in deletion discussions and policy debates. I don't think
setting up a new site is likely to be the answer, though if someone
wants to draft a clearer proposal for how such a site would work, this
list is certainly one appropriate forum to discuss it.


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