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> Ukraine has done great this year! Your work clearly paid off, currently
> 11.74% of the eligible users on ukWiki have voted (making it one of the
> highest % wikis, and the highest if you only count medium/large wikis some
> of the smaller ones get an advantage when % is factored in). It also
> accounts for 2.58% of the total votes compared to less then 1% (.99%) of
> the whole electorate.
Mea Culpa: For the record I was double counting many of the eligible voters
here (we had an old voter list that was also being counted). The correct
numbers for ukWiki would be just over 25% of eligible voters voting and
2.61% of the total votes (still .99% of the electorate).

We will certainly be releasing more detailed results for projects with
results and in the post mortem.

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