> 1) This gives you the data that is in the item, but what does it give you
> when there is no data in the item?

Ideally, all of the data would be in the wikidata item, and if there's no data 
then there's nothing to display. ;-) But in practice, you can pass parameter 
information to the template in the usual way, which will then be shown in the 
infobox regardless of whether there is information on wikidata about that 
parameter or not. This infobox template is still in use in other articles in 
the usual fashion, and it only reverts to wikidata information for empty 

> 2) I am missing a discrete [edit] somewhere indicating where I go to add
> the data for the fields that are missing from the template

This could probably be handled by an [edit] link in the infobox that points 
users towards wikidata. However, there's currently no way to show blank fields 
on wikidata for empty entries that are used in the template, you have to know 
the right property number or name in order to add it.

This is definitely something that needs more technical development, but that 
doesn't stop it from being cool. ;-)

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