> On 5 Oct 2015, at 05:03, Pavel Richter <m...@pavelrichter.de> wrote:
> BUT: That is not the main point. The main point is that Wikimedia now has
> replaced a broken process. And we should celebrate that. (And if it turns
> out that the new process does not work, than it will be changed again.
> Hopefully not by consensus, but by a small group of people who just say:
> Enough is enough).​

Pavel, with all do respect, I HIGHLY doubt there’s anything to celebrate here.

While I agree that the Wikimania process is broken, no one would’ve thought 
that the way we’d go about fixing that process would be handing that process 
over to a small group of people who can easily say “Oh!  This doesn’t 
work—let’s throw it out.”  For goodness’ sake, James claimed they talked to 
people—our question then is who did they talk to?  They certainly didn’t talk 
to us, and there DEFINITELY was no discussion taking place on Meta or anywhere 

A lot of work was poured into the Manila and Perth bids, and at least for us 
here in Manila, we’re doing so because it was suggested (by Ellie, 
nonetheless!) to do so for the 2017 bid process.  If you seriously, seriously 
think that we will stand idly by and see this process be rammed down our 
throats while at the same time being advised that all our work is meaningless 
at this point, you’ve really got to be kidding us.

So yeah, if you think your idea of meaningful change is top-down diktat by a 
group of people who say “Enough is enough!” but without considering not just 
the open nature of our movement and the inherent need for discussion to take 
place before such drastic moves are taken, then I’m sorry, but this is utter 
hypocrisy.  You can’t have your cake by saying that we should value open 
communication between stakeholders in a movement like Wikimedia, and at the 
same time eat it too by saying that top-down decision making is acceptable when 
a process is broken.



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