As one can be overly conservative, one can also be overly enthusiastic. I
would hope the Foundation by now understands better how to handle new
software releases. Apple here shows the way: Basic functionality, but
working smoothly first. That said, problems are to be expected, and a new
Wikitext parser-and-back, plus new interface, were bound to produce some
broken edits.

On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 9:46 PM David Gerard <> wrote:

> On 18 January 2016 at 20:33, Magnus Manske <>
> wrote:
> > * New things are not necessarily good just because they are new. What
> seems
> > to be an improvement, especially for a technical mind, can be a huge step
> > backwards for the "general population". On the other hand, projects like
> > the Visual Editor can make work easier for many people, but few of them
> > will realize what a daunting undertaking such a project is. The
> complexity
> As a huge VE advocate, I was quite disconcerted how hard the WMF was
> trying to force through what was clearly an early beta in need of
> real-world testing as if it were a production-ready product; I think
> this was the problem and the reason for the backlash. VE *now* has had
> a couple of years' development in a real-world environment and is
> really quite excellent (and the only sensible way to edit tables). But
> the problem here was not fear of change or fear of technology, but
> rejecting technology that was being forced on editors when it was
> really obviously not up to the job as yet.
> - d.
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