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> Hello Fae,
> Ideation phase [0], is a term widely used in product and design context.
> Now, I see your point around how volunteers who are not related to these
> fields, might not be familiar with it. Possibly something like, idea
> generation, or brainstorming could have replaced it.
> I am not sure though if the factors that you have listed are relevant; I
> think it is a matter of using a word in a certain context where it
> fits, without realizing how a broader audience would perceive it.
> In any case, thanks for the note :-)
> [0] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ideation_%28creative_process%29

That is a woeful article, for a useless word with no fixed meaning. As far
as I can tell the component all usages agree on is "thinking" is involved.
See the many comments on the talk page.

A good test for whether a word should be used in communications to a wide
audience is how widely translated a Wikipedia article is. If it would be
translated to a different concept in other languages, it isn't a good
concept for this type of communication.

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