Below are some thoughts I have possible themes that can be included in the
strategy update. I'm sharing these in public in case other Wikimedians
would like to discuss strategy.

1. Design experience
Move the design and intuitive ease of use of the Wikimedia user experience
away from a 2000s experience and toward a 2020s experience, both on desktop
and mobile platforms.

2. Social experience
Decrease the frequency and intensity of negative experiences, and increase
the frequency and intensity of positive experiences.

3. Governance
Decentralize the functions currently managed by the Wikimedia Foundation to
reduce dependencies and increase resilience of the Wikimedia projects,
communities, and affiliates. Empower Wikimedia affiliates and the online
communities to be capable of continuing operations, fundraising, and growth
even if WMF becomes incapacitated or corrupted.

4. Openness
Transform WMF and the affiliates into models of open governance and open
culture, particularly concerning Board activities and the use of financial
resources. Make information be public by default rather than private by
default. Proactively publish the expenses and compensation for all
individuals and organizations spending or receiving funds from WMF and
other Wikimedia affiliates. With limited exceptions for discussions for
which there is a strong reason for confidentiality, livestream all Board
and Board committee meetings of WMF, chapters, and thematic organizations.

5. Finance
Acquire adequate financial resources to achieve goals 1 through 4 within
the lifespan of the strategic plan's time horizon.

I look forward to hearing the thoughts of others in the months ahead, both
on Wikimedia-l and on Meta.


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