The page at makes it
clear that there are two stages to the strategy consultation being planned
by the WMF: up to December the work is to define the process; from January
the work is to execute that process.  It has been a matter of some
disappointment that the process definition is very largely by a closed
consultation with WMF Staff and Board members, which does not seem a good
way of discovering what works well or badly from the point of view of the
Community.  Indeed, I posted some comments to that effect at the talk page

I was surprised and disappointed to discover that the response from the WMF
was to add a header to the page stating "*the Wikimedia Foundation staff
will not be able to properly monitor discussions right now"   *That reads
to me like a clear snub to the community: their input to the planning of
the consultation is not wanted and will not be heard.  It is perhaps
revealing that while the "Listening and Learning" part of the process
concentrates on a narrow set of stakeholders, the "Community Engagement" in
this planning stage is all about talking to the community, not about
engaging with it in any real sense.  The people WMF are currently listening
to are people deeply involved in the WMF and the current ways of doing
things, and with a likely predisposition to the continuation of doing the
same things and in the same way. As an explicitly distinct activity, the
notion of engagement with the community in this phase is telling them
things. This is not a model of community engagement; it is not the way to
develop an effective, innovative and engaging process; and it is not the
way to develop a consensus around the results of that process.

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