Good points and thoughts here, Pine.

*3. Governance*

*Decentralization*I think is non-ideal. If WMF becomes incapacitated or
corrupted the whole ship goes down. I don't see how decentralizing the
structure would prevent this happenstance -- or more importantly provide a
solution or contingency plan. #4 Openness: Open culture and transparency
would provide a potential improvement and would support a centralized

*Empower Wikimedia affiliates*I like this. A lot. The more affiliates can
work at a local, grass-roots level, with the support of various
WikiProjects and initiatives like WikiEdu, the better, in my opinion

*5. Finance*

*Acquire adequate financial resources...*Yes, but with a more effective,
focused, additional distribution. The free digital labor model is well and
good for casual contributors but I think for folks doing significant heavy
lifting it becomes a big problem. Focusing on paid positions -- really:
aligning paid positions globally -- is one potential method and solution.
For example, WMUK and WMDE have a full array of staff. Large chapters
elsewhere (either city or country) have no logistical and/or administrative

I believe WMF needs to invest in its infrastructure (i.e., people) more.
And create a help desk type service that can address public relations
problems for BLP issues specifically.


- Erika

*Erika Herzog*
Wikipedia *User:BrillLyle <>*

On Sun, Sep 11, 2016 at 4:48 PM, Pine W <> wrote:

> 3. Governance
> Decentralize the functions currently managed by the Wikimedia Foundation to
> reduce dependencies and increase resilience of the Wikimedia projects,
> communities, and affiliates. Empower Wikimedia affiliates and the online
> communities to be capable of continuing operations, fundraising, and growth
> even if WMF becomes incapacitated or corrupted.
> 5. Finance
> Acquire adequate financial resources to achieve goals 1 through 4 within
> the lifespan of the strategic plan's time horizon.
> I look forward to hearing the thoughts of others in the months ahead, both
> on Wikimedia-l and on Meta.
> Regards,
> Pine
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