People can follow progress of the fundraiser by loading the spreadsheet
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At the time of writing, the data in

<> Total amount
received per day (not taking into account refunds)

indicate that you have received $15.8 million in donations since the
year-end campaign started on November 29. The advertised target of the
campaign is $25 million[1] – so after less than nine days, you are already
more than 60% there.

Are you planning to end the campaign once the publicised target is reached,
or will you go beyond the target as you did in the last two years?


On Tue, Dec 6, 2016 at 11:05 PM, Joseph Seddon <>

> Hello All!
> So originally we were going to send an update after the first two weeks but
> with so much going on and following feedback, I'll cover as much as I can
> in as brief a form as possible and more regularly than planned:
>    -
>    Banners limited: We have already begun limiting the number of times a
>    reader will see a banner within a single browser if they choose to not
>    dismiss the banners. For the moment, dismissing a banner or viewing a
>    banner *up to 10 times* will result in the banners being suppressed for
>    a period of 1 week.
>    -
>    Big messaging update [1]: We've been playing heavily with the ideas of
>    “fake news” and “facts matter”. In addition for first time since 2013,
> we
>    have returned to an appeal coming from a specific individual, in this
> case
>    Jimmy. Much of the inspiration for both came from interviews Fundraising
>    did with both Jimmy and Katherine back in October.
>    -
>    Big design update & in-line banners: We've moved away from the dark navy
>    blue (seen as black by many people), which was considered by the
> community
>    to be too mobid and foreboding, to a white background banner with red
>    border. Following extensive testing we also moved to inline banners over
>    the weekend replacing the top header banners.
>    -
>    Promising Numbers: Currently we believe that we have raised around
>    $13,000,000 (accounting for payments to be cleared). This has been
> helped
>    enormously by both gains found in our banner campaigns that is allowing
> us
>    to keep pace with the decline of desktop, as well as a brilliantly
>    performing e-mail campaign.
>    -
>    Awesome E-mail: November 30th 2016 saw our biggest day for email
>    fundraising ~$950,000 (2016) vs ~$550,000 (2015) raised in a 24 hour
> period
>    with approximately a similar number of e-mails.
>    -
>    Stable Tech: This year has been extremely stable from a technical
>    standpoint compared to other years, with the most perplexing issue
> being an
>    odd dip that occurred in our donations and traffic [2] on December 1st
> for
>    one hour. This occurred during the quietest period in a day for 2 days
> but
>    then appeared to stop. Low impact but naturally could be a bigger issue
> if
>    the problem occurred during peak fundraising hours or was more
> prolonged,
>    investigations continue.
>    -
>    Major gifts going great: Our major gifts team have been very busy, and
>    have seen double the number of Major gifts donations during this period
> of
>    the year compared with last year which means this page [3] getting a
> lot of
>    updates recently.
>    -
>    A brilliant social media team: In short awesome work has been done by
>    them but I will send a separate more detailed update on this :)
> [1] -
> 1117_en6C_dsk_p1_lg_template&force=1&country=US
> [2] -
> [3] -
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