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Usecases are appearing, thanks to whomever is intervening, though in a
narrow column so hard to read.

Now I can read it, I see that it is out of date. As a test sample, I
JethroBT (WMF) was granted m:admin rights in June, these expired by
August 2016 and were eventually removed by a volunteer steward in
October 2016. Though I JethroBT is an admin on meta right now, this
was via a separate use case dated "42676", which I presume is
November. Could the spreadsheet be properly reviewed and updated
please, including reformatting the date field so it's easy to

Pine - yes this process of "WMF Advanced Permissions" includes admin
rights for any WMF website and so by-passes the community procedures.


Hi Fae,

As I’ve mentioned on previous occasions when you’ve brought up this
spreadsheet on the mailing list, it occasionally breaks. That was the case
here. If you send me a quick note if you see the issues, we can fix it, as
we did today with the use case query (including make sure that it’s
multiple columns again.) Pointing that out so it can be quickly fixed is
much better done via a private poke that we'll see quickly rather than a
public mailing list post that we may not see until after hours or until
somebody lets us know about it. Obviously if we ignore your emails or
refuse to fix it, then the math changes, and a post to this list makes more
sense. I do not, however, think breakage (or overlooking notes about
breakage) has been a frequent problem over the past couple years (though we
have certainly had a couple breakages).

The public sheet is up to date to the internal version of the data (which
is done automatically). However, the automated data collection is better at
“adding new” than “removing old.” A member of the team does annual audits
of the data to ensure that defunct entries are removed and that everything
else matches reality. The time for the next one is coming up.


*James Alexander*
Manager, Trust & Safety
Wikimedia Foundation

PS: I also fixed the weird date thing you were seeing on some of them...
not sure what caused that (was just a format display thing).
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