As with most things around here, this is more complicated than it may
appear on the surface.

I increasingly think that there are cultural differences between WMF and
some parts of the community that are difficult to bridge, that influence a
variety of the decisions that get made in WMF (such as global ban
practices, and which emails get responses and which don't), and which may
seem obvious from certain perspectives but are more subtle when looking at
them from other angles.

Previous attempts from me and others to align WMF more with the community
have had limited success. I'm more sad than frustrated; there have been
some successes, but fewer than I hoped.

I can't realistically push on every issue that I would like WMF to address,
so I'm not going to push this issue further in the foreseeable future,
though I'm likely to mention it periodically. Hopefully, at some point, WMF
will agree to support community design of a global ban system.

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