> On 10 Apr 2018, at 7.02, Erik Moeller <eloque...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Wikimedia projects are social networks, but they are purpose-driven
> social networks [1] where participants are more strongly connected
> through their overlapping interests than through pre-existing social
> connections.

I agree. I however, see that if the movement is interested in to be _the_ 
ecosystem of free knowledge, a social media where the overlapping interest is 
actually the free knowledge itself and not some area of knowledge is not a bad 

> To the extent that Wikimedia should develop better social
> networking tools, they should IMO be along the lines of the ideas
> being prototyped by WikiProject X [2][3]. Improving other social tools
> routinely used in connection with Wikimedia work, such as IRC and
> mailing lists, likely would also have near term benefit.

Thanks for the links. Better social tools to the Wikipedia / for the movement 
are definitely needed. 

I guess I am not the only one who is worried that we may loose the interest of 
the general public on the movement, because we are not able to provide various 
kind of opportunities for people to contribute to the free knowledge movement 
(except to donate). 

I see that Wikipedia is just one — although extremely important — offering of 
the movement aiming to advance the idea of free knowledge. 

> I don't think that you can make a compelling argument that building
> general purpose social networking software (as in, share cat+baby
> pictures with friends) is in scope of Wikimedia's mission.

Yes. The mode of operation should be aligned with the Wikipedia’s mission. 

But it we want to address the challenge of “free knowledge” globally, a social 
media, that is not run by financial interest, but by the interest of the 
public, is badly needed. I think Wikimedia movement could play a role in here, 

        - Teemu 
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