> On 10 Apr 2018, at 9.58, Michael Snow <wikipe...@frontier.com> wrote:
> On 4/9/2018 11:14 PM, Leinonen Teemu wrote:
>>> On 10 Apr 2018, at 7.02, Erik Moeller <eloque...@gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Wikimedia projects are social networks, but they are purpose-driven
>>> social networks [1] where participants are more strongly connected
>>> through their overlapping interests than through pre-existing social
>>> connections.
>> I agree. I however, see that if the movement is interested in to be _the_ 
>> ecosystem of free knowledge, a social media where the overlapping interest 
>> is actually the free knowledge itself and not some area of knowledge is not 
>> a bad idea.
> I am wary of the idea that we would have interest in being _the_ ecosystem of 
> free knowledge, certainly if as this implies, that's ecosystem of free 
> knowledge in the singular. I believe we want to be a part of such an 
> ecosystem, but hopefully a very diverse ecosystem, as is necessary to its 
> success.

Hear hear. I was also surprised about the expression "the ecosystem" in the WMF 
strategic direction. On the other hand, I am worried that there are not that 
many species in the “free knowledge” ecosystem, in addition to the projects, 
products and chapters of the Wikimedia. So, as relatively large (and powerful) 
movement (we cold do better, too), we could take a leadership in here and 
cherish these other species of the ecosystem. For this purpose a free knowledge 
social media service could be a smart move. :-)

        - Teemu 
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