I too think that an RfC is a good option here. I suggest having multiple
questions in the RfC. Questions could include, "What should the
organization that is currently known as the Wikimedia Foundation be
named?", "Should there be a unifying brand for the online projects such as
Wikipedia, Wikidata, and Wikimedia Commons?", "If there is a unifying brand
for the online projects then what should it be?", "Should there be a
unifying brand for affiliates?", and "If there is a unifying brand for
affiliates then what should it be?"

Overall I think that the report on Meta
makes for good reading as background information for an RfC.

I want to caution against trying to make too many big decisions at once.
There is already a strategy process underway which has consumed a
considerable number of volunteer hours, and the community has precious
little capacity relative to normal operational demands without this ongoing
strategy process being piled on top of everything else that people want the
community to do. There seems to be infinite demand for free skilled labor,
but a finite supply of that same labor. I encourage both WMF and the
community to think carefully about which questions to prioritize so that we
are not all overstretched and a significant number of problems slip through
the cracks because collectively there were not adequate human resources to
thoughtfully address so many questions in a narrow period of time and
develop consensus regarding how to move forward.

( https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/User:Pine )
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