You may compare :
- Grundschulwiki in german, launched in december 2005 with institutionnal support and enought visibility I guess, restricted to articles produced by the schools : 1,134 articles today : https://grundschulwiki.zum.de/wiki/Hauptseite
- Wikikids.nl in Dutch, launched by teachers in march 2006, yet opened both to school works and anybody : 35,839 articles today : https://wikikids.nl/
Note that German is the main language of about 100 millions people whereas Dutch is the one of about 24 millions peoples.
That mean that only content produced by schools don't make enought content to be a fair resource to readers. You have to work in the Wikipedia way to thrive.
2d note : The number of articles on Grundschulwiki is quite similar to the number of the articles that were tagged as written by school project in Vikidia in French : https://fr.vikidia.org/wiki/Cat%C3%A9gorie:Article_fruit_d%27un_travail_scolaire 1,255 articles today (out of  35,840).
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As for the earlier discussion in this thread about wiki-based encyclopedias for younger students, one idea is to let school districts host their own encyclopedias and to research how to federate or combine contents and content updates from and across software at each school… like a P2P network of MediaWiki software nodes.

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