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> Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. I'd say 1000 is a high number, 800
> attendees would be much more likely. We've typically had 4-6
> concurrent tracks at past conferences. And then -- and this is the
> toughest part -- having a "community space" where people can hang out
> during the conf with laptops, after-hours, etc., is great. This has
> been a big room with couches, the last few conferences.
> At Berkeley, other than the keynotes issue (and it looks like Wheeler
> or Zellerbach would work for that) it looks like the Clark Kerr campus
> would fit the bill nicely:
> http://conferenceservices.berkeley.edu/summer_conf_ckc_fp.html
> This has a wide variety of rooms, plus:
> "Accommodations in suites and residence hall rooms are available for
> approximately 700 guests."
> NO idea about costs, though.
> Y'all are getting into this!

It is worth noting that the Clark Kerr campus is a separate location
about a half of a mile from the main campus.  Most people at Berkeley
never have anything to do with Clark Kerr facility and hence don't
really know what is there.

Because it is a bit of a walk between the two, it would probably be
best to have events primarily at either Clark Kerr or at the main
campus.  But doing a lot at both sites would be very awkward.

-Robert Rohde

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