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>> I am also at Google now, so if you like, I could at least let it be known of
>> the possibility; I have no idea of whether it would be possible, or
>> advisable, to get Google support or space for this.  Any feedback?
> I've organized several events hosted by Google through Leslie
> Hawthorn, who's great and is a friend of our community. (She's been to
> several RCCs.) The experience has been great, but it has the same
> problems as the others listed: size (probably can't host a 1,000
> person gathering), proximity to housing, transportation, etc.
> It sounds like Berkeley is the best bet so far. Phoebe, have you
> investigated other local universities?

You have similar space issues with Berkeley when it comes to keynotes
and the like.  The Student Union has conference spaces that go up to
about 500 seats.  The largest classroom space is the main auditorium
in Wheeler which seats 730.  The second largest, Pimentel accommodates
around 500.  One might be able to kludge together something larger out
of gymnasium, but as a practical matter 700 is probably about the most
Berkeley can easily manage in a single room.

I know the organizers of the Berkeley Energy Symposium (an annual one
day conference for ~400) so I can put you in touch with them for

-Robert Rohde

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