and yes.

I would say that $200 might be a "suggested donation" rather than a
hard/fast rule - some of the organisations that might join up will probably
be research orgs. not-for-profits too (and the psychological barrier of 200
is a lot higher than 100 for example). Obviously if someone like Google says
they want to support us then they can afford it, but if Linux Australia
[I've no idea if they exist as an org, let alone if they want to join - just
an example] wants to join they might have more difficulty coming up with 200
to throw to us.

Otherwise - all good!

On 11/13/08, Gnangarra <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I like the 2 members per org that donates over an arbitrary amount like
> $200, this would give larger donations some degree of recognition. Also
> remember that many businesses donate to community groups particularly
> sporting groups and getting only recognition(inc advertising) in a
> newsletter.
> All organisations that have donated need to be listed, at least in these
> early stages we should be 100% open.  As a member I'm going to support
> business that support WM-au knowing who these business are makes that
> possible.
> Additional transparency could be achieved by creating a group of editors
> that can be approached to review articles associated with a subject that
> donates, to ensure that the articles haven't been influence ie a WM-au COI
> group
> As an immediate potential use of such donations is that WMAU could pay the
> costs of Brianna attending a Wiki-wednesday in Sydney. We could print a
> substancial amount of
> the brouchers and have them in the stand at the PowerHouse Museum entrance.
> Lets be realistic WMAU would benefit more from these corporate donations
> than the corporates would. As long as we arent "out on the street
> soliciting" for donations then we arent going to create a dependency on
> them.
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