2013/10/16 Hartwig Thomas <hartwig.tho...@enterag.ch>

> I have had my cup of tea. I still consider people despicable who do not
> recognize, that someone has spent weeks and weeks for no money whatsoever
> to further the common good. A nice private notice or question to Bruno
> would have been acceptable. but this public branding has confirmed me, that
> I do not want to belong to the same club as these people.

I should not even answer to this mail as I am conscious it will add more
noise than signal, but there are things that I can't read without reaction.
I've been around Wikimedia projects for over 8 years now, producing
contents up to several hours a day, and I'm by far not the only one on this
mailing list.

If you're not happy within the association, you're absolutely free to go.
But insulting its members by questioning their personal investment is no
way to behave.

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