2013/10/16 Hartwig Thomas <hartwig.tho...@enterag.ch>

> Did you notice, that the scanning station on the picture was invented and
> built by Bruno with his own mind and hands and made available to Wikipedia
> for free? Did Charles Andrès ask his permission to publish a photograph of
> it? Did he attribute its author correctly? Does he work for Wikimedia for
> free, like Bruno does? Is his photograph even a “work” that CAN be
> copyrighted?****
> ** **
> You people make me sick, when you take the achievements of others and set
> up a prohibition against their using them!

Please, take a deep breath and a cup of tea. There is an issue, it is
sortable, so let's

1. fix it as quick as possible, and, most of all
2. make sure it won't appear again.

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