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> Did you notice, that the scanning station on the picture was invented
> and built by Bruno with his own mind and hands and made available to
> Wikipedia for free? Did Charles Andrès ask his permission to publish
> a photograph of it? Did he attribute its author correctly? Does he work
> for Wikimedia for free, like Bruno does? Is his photograph even a “work”
> that CAN be copyrighted?

I think now is the right time to stop this discussion, which started in
an interesting direction (points about copyright law), but is leading

I am not able to differentiate a repro station from another one, and I
would not be able to recognize if the "design" of the reprostation comes
from Bruno or not, so I'll take Ludo's word for it that he created it.
But I, for one, prefer to stick to what I know: the reprostation
provided by Bruno was duly paid by Wikimedia CH; I don't know where you
got the idea that is was provided for free.

> You people make me sick, when you take the achievements of others and set up 
> a prohibition against their using them!

I'm sorry if you get sick so easily, but I think the issue has been
somewhat exagerated. I haven't seen anyone here setting up a prohibition
against anyone else using anything. The people I know in this
mailing-list all work in good faith for promoting free content, and
making sure that their work *can* be used. Proper attribution to the
author is important; that isthe point that (as I understand it) Ludovic
wanted to make, and we likely all agree about this.


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