Please, see the medata of the
look the date of the picture  : 29 June 2012

WMCH bought the Bruno's reprostation in december 2012....

So, it's really complected to write ''Charles Andrès - CC By SA'' under
this picture ? It's good for laws. And it's better for the aims of our

Thanks a lot.


2013/10/16 Frédéric Schütz <>

> On 16/10/13 13:47, Hartwig Thomas wrote:
> > Did you notice, that the scanning station on the picture was invented
> > and built by Bruno with his own mind and hands and made available to
> > Wikipedia for free? Did Charles Andrès ask his permission to publish
> > a photograph of it? Did he attribute its author correctly? Does he work
> > for Wikimedia for free, like Bruno does? Is his photograph even a “work”
> > that CAN be copyrighted?
> I think now is the right time to stop this discussion, which started in
> an interesting direction (points about copyright law), but is leading
> nowhere.
> I am not able to differentiate a repro station from another one, and I
> would not be able to recognize if the "design" of the reprostation comes
> from Bruno or not, so I'll take Ludo's word for it that he created it.
> But I, for one, prefer to stick to what I know: the reprostation
> provided by Bruno was duly paid by Wikimedia CH; I don't know where you
> got the idea that is was provided for free.
> > You people make me sick, when you take the achievements of others and
> set up a prohibition against their using them!
> I'm sorry if you get sick so easily, but I think the issue has been
> somewhat exagerated. I haven't seen anyone here setting up a prohibition
> against anyone else using anything. The people I know in this
> mailing-list all work in good faith for promoting free content, and
> making sure that their work *can* be used. Proper attribution to the
> author is important; that isthe point that (as I understand it) Ludovic
> wanted to make, and we likely all agree about this.
> Frédéric
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