Ilario Valdelli wrote:

> I don't undestand. Do you mean that pages are blocked to no-sysop
> members? It seems to have a sense because when a board (or preliminary
> board) take a decision it's important to communicate this decision
> (also with grammatical errors). If a no-board person makes a change
> with unintentional misanderstandigs, the communication could be
> different.

Of course, your argument makes perfect sense. But being an association 
that promotes Wikipedia and other Wiki-based projects, I would like to 
think that we can do without the permanent protections, only with a 
banner saying "This is a resolution voted by the board, and should not 
be modified anymore". This allows us to send outside a message such as: 
"look, we really believe in this wiki thing, all our stuff is managed by 
a Wiki, anyone can edit it, and it works. Of course, we are watching the 
pages, and if you do something silly, we'll reverse your edits, block 
you and/or protect the page".

 > What do you think if a person change your sandbox or
> "correct" your discussion page changing the sense of your sentences?

Well... not much really. My discussion page is not protected; if it 
happens, I reverse the change and warn the person on its talk page. What 
do you do ?

>>Last, but not least... this resolution says that "Wikimedia CH shall
>>have its seat in Zurich". Does that mean "until a President is elected",
>>or is there a change to the proposed bylaws ?
> There was a discussion same months ago and the most part of swiss
> wikipedians seemed to accept that the seat of foundation was in a town
> more central for all swiss people (like Zurich). It could be that this
> resolution is connected with this discussion.

My questions arises from the fact that I started to look at the bylaws 
in order to translate them in French, and §1.2 says that the seat of the 
association (note that a Foundation is something very different from the 
legal point of view) is where the President live, so I was wondering how 
it fits with this resolution that says Zürich ?


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