On Mar 7, 2012, at 12:45 PM, CherianTinu Abraham wrote:

> Hi Pranav, 
> In India, it is extremely difficult to hairline separate who has done which 
> event. - Chapter, Community and WMF India Programs. 
> Let us take the case of the Trichy event, the request came to a community 
> member Rsrikanth to the chapter. Nitika was actively involved along with me 
> and Naveen. The chapter signed the MoU and supplied some goodies. Nitika was 
> actively involved in coaching Sohan, a chapter member and Rsrikanth.  One 
> must not also forget that both Hisham & Nitika are also chapter members. 


> As I explained, it is difficult to separate the contributions of different 
> entities or individuals for the Wikimedia  movement in India. 
> IMHO, we should be only concerned about the outcomes of the event and not who 
> gets the credit.  

I agree with Tinu.  It's really hard to put a rigid structure to this.  The 
illustration of the Trichy event (see above)  of everyone pitching in - is not 
unique at all.  In fact, it's probably always the case, in some degree or the 
other.   The need of the hour (and I daresay, the near-distant future) is 
flexibility and agility. 


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