On Mon, December 8, 2008 18:35, jonathan cardy wrote:
> Amazon don't seem to have the image up - I've just searched for scorpion
> killers and got half a dozen hits, a couple with a photo of the band and
> the rest with "no image available".

They deleted the three 'user supplied' copies around half past five,
however http://myqurl.com/KcdjM still has an official (ie Amazon-loaded)

> Would be better off replacing the photo of a naked 10 year old girl with
> the image of the band?

The alternate image is also on the article page, but if you now decide to
accept the principle of censorship by deleting this particular
(non-banned, not illegal anywhere) image then how would you justify
keeping, for example, the Mohammed pbhn images?


ps. Cartoon from Channel 4:

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