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Subject: Re: Cisco 8540s, and 8.3.102 Code

Have you gotten bug IDs for the FRA and 11k issues?

No, not yet.   I'm not convinced that its related to 11k and maybe not
even related to FRA.   Its possible that we're suffering from Bug
CSCus83638 and  the act of disabling FRA just reset everything enough
to start working fo a while and it will slowly taper off again.  I need
to get a copy of the 8.2.124.x to try.

Each change we make a TAC's request seems to fix things for a while but
then it slowly shows the symptoms again, namely a dearth of 5GHz assoc
clients in high density areas where there should be many.

This seems to only be happening on our AP3800s and we have an important
academic building that is recently upgraded to all AP3802Is.   Tac
keeps wanting us to try different things but we're trying to be
considerate of the folks in that building trying to get instruction

Our other buildings with AP3802s are not heavily dense so we don't see
this same problem.   For example, in the low density buildings, our
AP3802s never switch into FRA mode with both radios on 5GHz band.
We're not sure if dual-5GHZ is a requisite for this bug but its seemed
to coincide on the ones that we checked.

I'm trying to pull some of that trend data out of the Airwave
Management Platform database and see if we have a correlation.

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