Anyone got some big batteries and solar panels?


Mac Dearman wrote:

I think there will be a time we could possibly help - in the future. It will be about month before the power is restored, but then there might be areas where power may be up next week around Biloxi, Gulf Port...etc The next problem would be if there is internet access down there to be hooked in to that works! I understand from talking to the power people (Entergy) that the whole power grid is ruined - - not just down and it will have to be revamped from top to bottom so there may not be any power for a while anywhere on the Gulf Coast. We experienced power outages to "just South" of me yesterday and all night - - I am miles North of New Orleans so that will give you an idea of the extent of the grid problem they are facing. Vicksburg, Mississippi is exactly 35 mile East of me on I-20 and they have had no power since the Katrina and remain in the dark today as well as Jackson, Mississippi - - their Capital. If it werent for back up generators at the main fiber connections in Jackson, Mississippi we wouldnt be sending and receiving these emails this morning.

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