As far as solar power goes...  A WRAP board and 2 radios can be powered from
a single marine deep cycle and be charged by a $600 solar panel for high
reliability in that part of the country.

Just under 2K for a fully self-powered POP.

Not a lot, but that's enough bandwidth capacity for "backup" use for a whole
pile of people.

Only about 300 more, and you can get a 4 radio setup with the same power
needs.   And when all the infrastructure gets renewed and rebuilt, it can be
taken down and the parts resold, including the panels.

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> Anyone got some big batteries and solar panels?
> John
> Mac Dearman wrote:
> >
> > I think there will be a time we could possibly help - in the future.
> > It will be about month before the power is restored, but then there
> > might be areas where power may be up next week around Biloxi, Gulf
> > Port...etc     The next problem would be if there is internet access
> > down there to be hooked in to that works! I understand from talking to
> > the power people (Entergy) that the whole power grid is ruined - - not
> > just down and it will have to be revamped from top to bottom so there
> > may not be any power for a while anywhere on the Gulf Coast. We
> > experienced power outages to "just South" of me yesterday and all
> > night  - - I am
> > miles North of New Orleans so that will give you an idea of the extent
> > of the grid problem they are facing. Vicksburg, Mississippi is exactly
> > 35 mile East of me on I-20 and they have had no power since the
> > Katrina and remain in the dark today as well as Jackson, Mississippi -
> > - their Capital. If it werent for back up generators at the main fiber
> > connections in Jackson, Mississippi we wouldnt be sending and
> > receiving these emails this morning.
> >
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