I am starting to feel the pains of trying to accurately trace problems in a network that is getting increasingly larger all the time. We have roughly 20 tower locations now. We have a pretty good picture of what we are getting for bandwidth use through our MRTG graphs. We can see when any link completely drops thanks to our What's Up monitoring. We can easily track and isolate peer to peer abuse and such with traffic analysis tools in Star OS and Mikrotik as needed.

What we need though is a way to track the other parameters of our network over time. It would be invaluable to me to be able to look over historical records from a hour long window up to a year long window for link integrity information. What I mean is this. I would like to see how a signal level, noise level, number of retransmits, etc. changes over time in a graph format like MRTG does with bits in and out. It would be nice to add other parameters as needed. I know SNMP is supposed to be able to do this but I do not have the slightest bit of experience using that. Is there anyone out there who knows an easy way of getting a rudimentary level of understanding about using SNMP to extract data such as this? Maybe someone has a package they use that provides this information on your network? If any WISPs out there have any answers to this please respond on this list. If you are a vendor and your product can do specifically what I am asking for above then I am sure we would like to hear about that too. Maybe if a few of us buy your products you will consider buying a vendor membership to WISPA also. :-)
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