Thank you Paul. This is exactly what I was looking for in regard o customer links. If we take a service call it would be nice to see what a customer's historical data has been in regard to signal levels, bandwidth used, etc. It sounds like you hit this one right on the head. Doing the same for Trango would be sweet also. I do not know what the "Trangolink-10" is that was referenced earlier as a solution to tracking details on Trango.. Can anyone elaborate on how to graph these things on Trango? I need links to actual data if you guys do not mind.
Thanks guys,

Paul Hendry wrote:

StarOS isn't great for SNMP but Starutil works really well for various
stuff. We have been using it to graph with MRTG the signal levels for
individual clients and backhaul links as well as throughput.



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rcomroe wrote:

There are 2 fundamentally different approaches for monitoring.

[ stuff ]

For reference, in the network Scriv is describing, there's a nasty mixture
of gear. Backhaul is primarily Trango (though that's likely to change at
some point), and the customer APs are all either StarOS running on
RouterBoard 200 hardware, or reallllly old Lucent APs with Karlnet
software installed.

StarOS doesn't export a lot of the data we're looking for, as far as I and
my copy of snmpwalk can tell. (If I can read my boss's mind as well as I
think I can, though, he's probably looking more for backhaul stats than
for individual customer APs.)

Trango supposedly does, but even their own forums are filled with people
who can't make any sense out of Trango's provided MIBs and such. (I can
usually get one-shot queries with snmpwalk and similar tools to work, but
when you put the exact same parameters into an MRTG configuration file, I
get back nothing but crazy bizarre errors. The fact that Trango changes
their MIBs between hardware versions and occasionally even between
firmware releases only compounds the problem.)

At the risk of derailing (sorry, boss), has anyone gotten MRTG or
something similar (PRTG, Denika, or whatever) to reliably track *anything*
on a Trango?

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