There are 2 fundamentally different approaches for monitoring.

[1] Poll parameters and strip-chart them displaying some specific duration 
of history.  In this approach data rolls off the end of the strip-chart and 
is not retained.  Only numerical data can be displayed graphically is 
appropriate for strip-charting.  It's strength is that charts are updated at 
the moment of polling, so all charts are "already made" and it's easy to 
review many charts at a time (since there's no waiting time at the time you 
want to view).

[2] Poll parameters and save them in a continuous log file.  The strength of 
this approach is any kind of data can be recorded (numeric or text), and 
performance can be reviewed for any recorded data (you can look back in 
time, zoom in on any previous moment).  The disadvantage of this approach is 
that data is "graphed" at the moment of viewing and therefore not as 
convenient for perusing "multiple graphs at a time" since graphing time must 
be waited at the time of viewing.  Don't confuse long-term strip charting 
for an equivalent.  While you can indeed make a strip-chart display data for 
a whole "year", typically strip-charts only record the last 400 datapoints 
over history ... while polling every 5 minutes may provide a history of a 
couple days retaining all data, charts that display longer term are only 
retaining average data over longer and longer periods (you lose the actual 
data polled every 5 minutes).

A good tool is one that can do both as appropriate for a given parameter. 
As far as SNMP, that's just an access protocol.  Typically devices provide 
diagnostics on a web page, or in an SNMP agent.  Some devices support both, 
some support only one.  A good tool is one that can poll for data by either 
access protocol which will serve you best with any collection of equipment.


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I am starting to feel the pains of trying to accurately trace problems
in a network that is getting increasingly larger all the time. We have
roughly 20 tower locations now. We have a pretty good picture of what we
are getting for bandwidth use through our MRTG graphs. We can see when
any link completely drops thanks to our What's Up monitoring. We can
easily track and isolate peer to peer abuse and such with traffic
analysis tools in Star OS and Mikrotik as needed.

What we need though is a way to track the other parameters of our
network over time. It would be invaluable to me to be able to look over
historical records from a hour long window up to a year long window for
link integrity information. What I mean is this. I would like to see how
a signal level, noise level, number of retransmits, etc. changes over
time in a graph format like MRTG does with bits in and out. It would be
nice to add other parameters as needed. I know SNMP is supposed to be
able to do this but I do not have the slightest bit of experience using
that. Is there anyone out there who knows an easy way of getting a
rudimentary level of understanding about using SNMP to extract data such
as this? Maybe someone has a package they use that provides this
information on your network? If any WISPs out there have any answers to
this please respond on this list. If you are a vendor and your product
can do specifically what I am asking for above then I am sure we would
like to hear about that too. Maybe if a few of us buy your products you
will consider buying a vendor membership to WISPA also.    :-)
Thanks guys,


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