VIA with StarOS on 5.2/5.3 will get 100Mb. WAR board might do same. - cw

John Scrivner wrote:
I need some feedback from the collective. I am looking for a backhaul radio link for my main tower. 5.8 Ghz is fully utilized at this location. It is only a 1500 foot shot. I would like at least 50 meg full or 100 meg half duplex. I would like this solution to be under $8K or so. 5.3 Ghz is pretty open here. Does a solution exist? I can lay fiber for about $12K or so. I am considering doing that but I think laying fiber for my main connection when I am a fixed broadband wireless provider sends the wrong message to my potential customers when Charter is going all over town selling fiber connections. I welcome your feedback.
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