I should revise that to say we do it on dual polarity antennas. Not 2 radios on one antenna....


Bob Moldashel wrote:


We do this all the time. Explain what model radios and how you are doing this?? I'll try to help.....


Paul Hendry wrote:

Has anyone successfully installed more than 1 radio on a single antenna with virtually no interference between links? We had originally planned to run 2 simultaneous links on dual polarized 5GHz RadioWaves parabolics however once installed we found that only 1 link could be used at any one time regardless of channel separation due to interference. Now the set-up is being used to provide redundancy but would much prefer double the capacity. If anyone has achieved a similar thing would they share how they achieved it? Hoping that some 5GHz band pass filters could be the answer but can only locate 2.4 variants at present L



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